Work – Life Balance

Work – Life Balance is so much more than just having a gym membership.

Unfortunately many think work-life balance means you have time for exercise and work as priorities. My question then is:

When do you live?

I see so many people rushing from bed to the gym, to work, to lunch meeting, to work, to class, to homework etc… that they have no more time for themselves, their family or friends.

Work-life balance includes Rest

Yes, you heard me right. Rest needs to be part of the equation. If you think falling into bed at 11pm and sleeping only 6 hours until the alarm wakes you up again is resting, then please think again. There is a reason medical people will tell you our body needs 8hrs of sleep. Our cells, our brain and our entire body needs to rest to function well. But that is not enough rest. You also need to plan day time rest. For example you can plan to relax and play with your kids for the first 30min when you come home, or chat with your spouse. That way you have true rest between work and other activities. Even when you have finished in the gym and showered, take some 30min to rest. Switch off from exercise, relax and then start something new.

You will see it makes a big difference.

As you age you need more Rest

Take conscious time to just be. Practice mindfulness and just sit and feel the chair, feel the wind, hear the birds, or the kids on the street, here the early evening sounds in the neighborhood and breath. It makes a difference. Yes you will find you will be much less tense, have less headaches, lower your blood pressure even if you practice mindfulness.

Plan your free time

Unless you plan for your free time, you will just see it disappearing. Plan when you will exercise, when you will meet friends and when you will spend time with the family, but also spend time alone and time when you go for haircut, beauty treatments or whatever else you need. Plan your shopping.

All these are distinctly different activities, that we all need to somehow fit into our busy life. It is possible if you plan for them. I have certain times blocked out on my calendar for certain activities. This even includes one time slot a week to catch up with a friend one on one. I do not allow anything take these time slots away, unless it is a matter of life and death emergency.

This has led to a live that is much freer and gives me the feeling I have time for myself, I am not shortchanged.

Actually in my current situation I have even chosen to work less hours in employed work, so that I have time for writing, planning my future income as I slow down my work life with age and work on figuring out income streams that I will be able to maintain until old age.

I also plan my leave at the beginning of the year. This includes short trips with friends or with my significant other and one bigger trip per year. If I go for a conference in a different town or even country I plan at least 2 full days extra, so that I have some time to explore that town.

True work Life Balance is possible!

With some planning and focus true work-life balance is possible. This will lead to a much more relaxed life and I manage to fit in all the things I really want to do, while still having enough hours where I earn money.

Let’s all start planning our life better and include

  • rest
  • me-time
  • time with friends and family
  • fun
  • education
  • work
  • commute
  • networking
  • household things
  • doctor’s visits

Have a productive and rest-full day

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