Effective Leadership Slides

Let me share with you some slides from talks I have given on #effectiveleadership, #servantleadership, #leadingfromwhereyouare #leadershiptips #powerskills etc.

Please note this presentation is protected by the copy right laws of Kenya. If you want to use this presentation, or any part of it, you need to received written permission. Charges may apply.

Anyone found to use any part of this presentation without written permission by Jaeger Consultants Ltd will be prosecuted.

#projectmanagementandtechnologysummit #leadership

Also find here the link to a free summit, where you can learn from experienced Leaders, Project Managers and other specialists:

Project Management & Technology Summit

2nd March 2023

Free PM Summit, 22 speakers, 2 tracks, 30 minutes each.
Starts 2. March 2023 7:00pm East African Time

My Talk is at 9pm

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