Our Approach


Our Engagement with You:

You decide what you need at this point and what fits your budget.

Project Management Engagement

Step 1: Definition of what is needed

  • Acquaintance with the Corporate Leadership Team, the Corporate Strategy & Values
  • Determination of your requirements
  • Scope is defined & documented
  • Milestones & gating criteria are determined
  • Training needs within the project are agreed
  • A detailed Project Charter is prepared

Step 2: Planning for the implementation

  • Roles & responsibilities are defined, including internal Project Manager and / or Change Manager
  • Training of all your internal stakeholders on Project Management Basics customized to their needs
  • Definition of your project management methodology for this project
  • Development of required project management processes and definition of KPIs for each individual internal stakeholder
  • Preparation of the Action / Project Plans for implementation by the Project / Change Manager & approval by the team

Should you miss an internal resource, we can help you either with recruitment or provide a resource

  • Project Plans are formulated

Step 3: Actual Implementation

  • We guide your Project Manager / Change Manager through the process
  • Your Project Manager / Change Manager is supervised by us through the entire process, we get as involved as you want us to
  • We will monitor the process and help in identifying risks and issues
  • Mentor the team in overcoming the issues
  • Progress is analyzed & reports prepared that document the progress
  • Regular status update meetings
  • Implementation Sign off

Step 4: Winding up of the project

  • Document the achieved milestones
  • Debrief the team and give them a chance to voice & document lessons learned
  • Post Mortem Session with the Senior Management Team dissecting the lessons learned and defining necessary steps from here
  • Project closed

Step 5: Follow up

  • Number of follow up meetings is defined
  • Different teams get a chance to voice their experience and how the change affected them
  • Senior Management analyses if additional changes are necessary or if the goals were accomplished
  • Ongoing process review cycle